Siddharth Speakers Academy શ્રેષ્ઠ વક્તા બનો

Siddharth Academy શ્રેષ્ઠ વક્તા બનો

Siddharth Speakers Academy

This institute has been trained to lecture and to host since 25 years. You play vital role in society, union, politics, corporate, liones club, jesis , rotary club etc. You are working very hard and spend big money although no one knows you because you are not able to speak on stage – mike. The whole world will salute you once you address people enthusiastically. If once you will give a drastic speech on stage, the world will salute you, people will play around you, they accept you as a leader and party will run to give ticket. This is the importance of elocution.

Here we teach mind wash, body language, personality development, public speaking, anchoring and many more things in gujarati or hindi. What make a man special everywhere? After having this training people will change their opinion about you. People will see as a renowned people.

If you are being asked to lecture, you start shivering and your palm start sweating. Heart beat increases. Your body seems to become paralyze, Head gets hot and the body gets cold, and etc. you don’t seem what you are. You are not able to speech appropriately. After this training your self confidence will shoot up, up to that extend if you are being asked to give a speech anywhere and anyplace you can just do that even for 1 or 2 hours, even without having note.

We have trained thousands of people so far who are leader of their organization or they are anchoring on television, all india radio, doordarshan.

Once get trained over here your chances to be Television news reader, anchor or radio jockey increases.

The trainer of “Be the best orator” Mr. Rameshchandra Shah is very experienced and he is providing very simple training to become a best orator. It is his hobby to train all and set them on top position.

Everyone visiting us make same complain that he has to visit a social function but I feel that people of society respect me and they ask me to speech that’s why I did not attend the function. Such kind of people gets trained and after they just see stage and get ready to give speech.

What will be the result?

You will speak 2 -4 Hours on Mike without note. If you are seating in any meeting or conference, suddenly your name is announced for small speech and you can speak on a mike without apologize.



We will provide free material to all trainee.

Will get the certificate?

Yes , We will award certificate who have attened all the class.

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